Charging Lion T-Shirt


This black and white image is taken from George Logan’s highly-acclaimed wildlife photography book, Lion – Pride Before the Fall, which brings the plight of Africa’s remaining Lions into sharp focus.

With its array of poignant, thought-provoking images, it celebrates the lifecycle of the lion in all its raw beauty and serves as a stark reminder of all that we stand to lose with fewer than 20,000 African lions left in the wild.

George Logan has been following and photographing lion prides for the last ten years across Africa, including Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. Lion: Pride Before the Fall is the culmination of that journey. The profits from the sale of his book will support, protect and help re-establish the Last Lions of Meru in Kenya. Lion: Pride Before the Fall has been created in collaboration with The Born Free Foundation with a forward written by Virginia McKenna OBE, and includes contributions from Will Travers OBE, Caroline Ng’ Weno and Kate Stephenson.Talking about this particular photograph, George recalls: ” There are few sights in nature as fearsome and impressive as a charging lion.” Many years ago, a Maasai guide told me, ‘When the male lion looks straight at you, you know he really means it.’ It’s a primeval stare that penetrates, unnervingly, right through to your core.” Yet, despite our instinctive fear of these predators, lions rarely target humans as their choice of prey. They are far more interested in the livestock that our ever-increasing encroachment into the wilderness puts within their reach, in turn making lions a target for humans. King of the beasts they may be but, as a species, they have much more to fear from people than we do from them.” Far more often, lions’ ferocity is directed closer to home, at other lions. Coalitions of nomadic males roam the savannah, looking for prides to take by force. Injuries and fatalities mount on both sides. Even the females, so much smaller in stature, come together, prepared to fight to the death to protect their cubs. Nature, red in tooth and claw. “



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