Ebooks bought directly from us will be in ePub format which can be read on Android and IOS mobiles and tablets and also on Kindle Fire.
• Once you have completed your purchase through our website you will be able to access your book via the Glassboxx app
• If you already have the Glassboxx app simply go back to the app on your smartphone and/or tablet, and all your newly purchased ebooks will be displayed on your My Books screen.
• If you don’t have the Glassboxx app, you should go to either the iOS App Store or Google Play Store to download the app onto your smartphone and/or tablet. Then just log in with your email address (no password required), and all your purchased ebooks will be displayed in your My Books screen.
For any queries relating to buying your ebook via the Glassboxx checkout, please email: glassboxxhelp@firstygroup.com

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