The Clash – London Calling T-Shirt


Michael Wylie’s iconic typographical design features the opening lyrics from the single London Calling taken from the highly acclaimed album of the same name recorded by English punk rock band The Clash in 1979. The double album was a top ten chart success in the UK, and its lead single, written by Joe Strummer and Mick Jones was a top 20 single. The album has sold over five million copies worldwide and has been named as one of the greatest albums of all time.

The hand-drawn typography design was created by Micheal Wylie of Sketchbook Design, based in Manchester, which was founded in 2015. While his artistic style has developed and grown he has always stayed true to traditional methods of hand-producing his own artwork. Wylie takes pleasure in the idiosyncrasies of hand-made art, the little human touches that give artwork personality and uniqueness. Many of his typography designs are inspired by people, places and the relationships that we have with our own culture, be it music, sport or our home city.



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