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The Eighties was the decade our entertainment habits changed forever, with breakfast TV, EastEnders and Sky all launching. The compact disc also arrived to change the way we listened to music, while Live Aid showed that music had a heart, Bob Geldof’s global jukebox being intended to fight famine and poverty in Africa.


Politically the Eighties was the Thatcher decade – and the PM’s friendship with US President Reagan was a major feature of the world scene. The Falklands were reclaimed, the miners went on strike and the Berlin Wall came down.


Tennis super-brat John McEnroe and ice dancers Torvill and Dean were among the big sporting names who made the Eighties memorable, while ET visited the big screen from another planet.


The Rubik’s Cube drove us all mad, while the coolest teens were playing the Gameboy dressed in Joe Bloggs’ jeans. Oh, and Charles married Diana!


Re-live this dynamic decade in words and pictures.

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