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After the peace and love of the Sixties, the Seventies started off less promisingly. But a decade that brought the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, entry to the European Community (then known as the Common Market), America’s withdrawal from Vietnam and the establishment of the Open University was certainly anything but dull. And when Britain’s first woman Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, was voted into office in 1979 the decade of change was complete.


Money was now decimal, while the first ever televised Royal Wedding featured Princess Anne. England couldn’t hold onto the World Cup but tennis ace Virginia Wade won Wimbledon. Johnny Rotten and his Pistol pals changed the face of music, while punk fashions joined hot pants, loon pants and platform heels as visual statements.


Add space hoppers, Chopper bikes and Monty Python and you have a taste of a unique decade that, after a slow start, offered something for everyone. Re-live it here in words and pictures.

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