The Story of Scotland Ebook


Scotland is one of the planet’s most captivating countries. Boasting soaring mountain peaks and rocky glens, rushing rivers and peaceful lowlands, as well as hundreds of islands clustering round its shores, this is a country that is also fiercely proud of the industrial and scientific heritage that is celebrated in its major cities.


Visitors from the four corners of the world revel in Scotland’s unique culture, warm to her people and marvel at her fascinating history.


They explore ancient castles and mysterious lochs, gaze in awe at her rugged coasts, try their hands at thrilling outdoor activities, experience a myriad of festivals and sporting events and watch the country s magnificent wildlife.


The Story of Scotland provides a deep insight into what makes the country so special. It takes the reader on a journey through history, introduces the greatest Scots of them all, highlights its must-see sights and explains the cultural peculiarities that set Scotland apart


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