Give Them Wings – The Autobiography of Paul Hodgson


Disabled as a result of childhood meningitis, Paul Hodgson has written this autobiography in order to challenge the stereotype of the wheelchair-bound victim.

Far from being a passive spectator, we learn how Paul struggled to care for his mother through several strokes and Alzheimer’s disease and of the rift this caused within his family. He also speaks of the Community Care system, his experiences of education and employment, and the loyalty of his friends.

This is his account of life as a fan of Darlington Football Club which reveals another side to Paul’s nature, with its fascinating compendium of mishaps and drink-fuelled escapades, which are invariably laced with his own brand of black humour.

Give Them Wings is a graphic story of one man’s fortitude in the face of severe odds, it offers a unique insight into what it means to be disabled in modern society.

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    Hodgson is an incredibly bright and insightful writer and certainly somebody with a lot more intelligence and perspective than his condition might give those who are more able might give him credit. This is a real eye-opener of a book, chronicling a multi-layer legacy of experiences and challenges old-time perceptions, whilst allowing people to embrace and get a real sense of what it feels like to be disabled and physically challenged.

    It is also at times a very funny account, with Hodgson pulling no punches in his recollection of many of his experiences, as well as highlighting the key things that have hindered people with similar conditions.

    Given the effects of the last eighteen months on the world, reading Hodgson’s story will give people inspiration and motivation to go out there and try to achieve something to fulfil their own self-worth. The book also touches on the challenges inherent in trying to bring the film version of the biography to the big-screen.

    John Higgins
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