Classic Motorcycle Racing Helmets Pullover Hoodie


Classic motorcycle racing helmets spanning the golden years of the post war Grand Prix ‘Continental Circus.’ The ubiquitous “pudding basin” ruled the roost as a (flimsy) protection against the rigours of road racing. Celebrate the heroes who wore them with this colourful tee from Duke. Featuring: Top Row: L to R: Florian Camathias, Derek Minter, Tom Phillis, John Cooper, Mike Hailwood. 2nd Row: Peter Williams, Ray Pickerell, Geoff Duke, Jack Findlay, Giacomo Agostini. 3rd Row: Tarquinio Provini, Tommy Robb, Hugh Anderson, Bill Ivy, Stanley Woods. 4th Row: Santiago Herrero, John Surtees, Michelle Duff, Bill Lomas, Luigi Taveri.



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