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Tying in with International Orangutan Day on August 19, British charity International Animal Rescue is releasing a new ebook, Orangutan Rescue which tells the emotive story of their efforts to save the orangutan from extinction. IAR has spent the past ten years creating a sanctuary in a remote part of Borneo that is home to nearly 100 young orangutans who have been injured orphaned by the relentless march of the palm oil manufacturers who have been decimating their forest habitats. This evocative ebook, beautifully illustrated with hundreds of stunning full-colour photographs, shows how the dedicated veterinary staff and volunteers have worked tirelessly to protect the future of a remarkably intelligent primate which shares 96.4% of our genes. Written by animal welfare pioneers Sean Whyte and Alan Knight OBE, Orangutan Rescue gives readers a unique insight into the highs and lows of rescuing and rehabilitating this species with the eventual aim of returning them to their protected forest homes. Whilst the book describes how the clinic near the small town of Ketapang in West Kalimantan, came into existence, it is the orangutans who are the stars of the story with many becoming worldwide internet sensations as their rescue and progress back to health is followed on the social media.

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