Animosity … Human-Animal Conflict in the 21st Century – Ebook


The World’s Wildlife is in Crisis. Globally, animals are being traded, hunted, poached, consumed and exploited to the point of extinction.


Aaron ‘Bertie’ Gekoski is an award-winning environmental photojournalist who has travelled to the most inhospitable places on Earth to document human-animal conflict.


The result is Animosity, an unsettling yet gripping look at the trades pushing wildlife to crisis point; from Cambodia’s dog-drowning dungeons and Indonesia’s wet markets, to West Africa’s voodoo markets and the global Wildlife Tourism industry.


This stunningly evocative ebook, replete with hundreds of emotive and powerful photographs, might be hard to look at but must be seen.


The Foreword has been written by one of the best-known environmental activists in the world, Captain Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd conservation society and a co-founder of Greenpeace; while Bollywood actress Amy Jackson, with two million twitter followers, has written a moving testimony for the book.

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1 review for Animosity … Human-Animal Conflict in the 21st Century – Ebook

  1. Jules Gammond

    I just finished the book (I couldn’t put it down), my heart is aching💔. This book is confronting for the right reasons, some of the images will remain in my memory for a long time. And while there’s no intention to cast judgement on people’s culture, beliefs and those whose survival depends on the animal trade, there is no doubt that we cannot continue on this path. Through this book, Aaron Gekoski is continuing to raise awareness, education and forcing us to face these uncomfortable issues that we must reflect upon and think genuinely how we can be part of the solution. Thanks for your perseverance and dedication Aaron … Germany December 1 2020

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