Grow Your Own Flowers for Kids – Ebook


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Growing flowers at home is easy and rewarding as long as you choose the right plants. You don’t always need to tend a dedicated area in your garden as most plants are quite happy in borders or in containers on balconies or windowsills. Most species will also grow alongside vegetables in a plot.

Some require a little attention while others will happily last for weeks in a vase. Having flowers on the mantelpiece makes all the difference to a living room, and you shouldn’t need a florist to make the most of the plants in your garden. A few simple tips can help these plants live much longer:

      • Cut the base of the stems at an angle to help the flower draw water from the vase.

  • Remove leaves that sit below the waterline or they’ll rot.
  • Make sure your vase is clean.
  • Don’t use ice-cold water for most plants (daffodils and tulips are the exception).

      •   Ask your parents to add a quarter of a teaspoon of bleach per litre of water to prevent bacteria spreading.

  • Add a little sugar to help feed the plant.
  • Be careful not to place the vase in direct sunlight, in a draught or too close to fruit.

      • Remove dead blooms and change the water regularly.

Aimed at growing kids!

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