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David ‘Bumble’ Lloyd is a national treasure and the most popular cricket commentator on both BBC radio and Sky Sports TV. With his unmistakable Lancastrian accent, his light-hearted approach to the game has served him well as a player, umpire, manager, broadcaster and one of the most sought-after speakers on the after-dinner circuit for nigh on 50 years.

After a successful Test series against India and Pakistan in the summer of 1974, Bumble was delighted to be selected for the winter’s tour to Australia. ” G’day ya Pommie bastard!” was probably the most affectionate greeting that he received from his hosts and this warm hospitality was extended to the field of play by Messrs Lillee and Thomson. Like several other batsmen on that tour, his Test career never recovered from this barrage of attention but happily his sense of humour survived intact.

Indeed, he wrote this highly entertaining collection of personal memories of his career in cricket proving as skilful with the pen as he is with the microphone – a genuine humorist. His classic best-seller is now being re-released, more than 25 years after its first release as an EBook to tie-in with the Ashes Test series against the Aussies this summer.

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G’day ya Pomie b…., D.Lloyd


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