Apostle to Mary Magdalene


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No woman in the history of Christianity has captured the imagination more since the publication of Dan Brown’s novel ‘the Da Vinci Code’ brought her back into our consciousness. Repentant sinner, bride of Jesus, mother, teacher, healer and priestess…. these are just some of the roles ascribed to her.


De Vere Hunt started hearing an ‘inner voice’ and several events led her to believe it was Mary Magdalene, urging her to write this book. In an easy-to-read A-Z format,  de Vere Hunt provides an overview of what little we do know about her from religious scholars gleaned from both the New Testament Gospels and the Gnostic Gospels relatively recently.


The author touches on quantum physics and discusses metaphysical phenomena such as the Akashic Records, Cellular Memory, Meditation and the Zero Point Field as an additional source to establish the truth.  Through her inner voice and access to the Akashic Records de Vere Hunt draws her own conclusions about the myths and legends surrounding Mary Magdalene.


The revelations will seem at best unbelievable and even heretical to some, but historically only what we don’t understand is ascribed to magic/witchcraft.  Many major discoveries have been met with violent opposition as they contravene our belief systems. De Vere Hunt is confident her theories will be borne out by quantum physics in the fullness of time.


Controversy is preferable to lack of interest or apathy and brings Mary Magdalene back into our consciousness to enable her to fulfil her role in present day.  Mary Magdalene is here in our midst now to help us make the transition into the Age of Aquarius where the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine will stand side by side in equal partnership and enable us to live in a better world.  De Vere Hunt gives practical suggestions as to how we can all experience ‘heaven on earth’ and give us hope for a better future.

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