The Life of the Virgin Mary



The Virgin Mary was the most important person in history. As theMother of God, hers was a unique destiny and her importance for Christianity cannot be over-emphasised. Mary has inspired limitless devotion but until now very little attention has been paid to the historical life of Mary. In this new biography Stephen Marley investigates the person, the individual who was the Virgin Mary. The result is a study of great warmth that lets us share the joy and sorrows of Mary’s life. Mary was born Mariam, the daughter of Joachim and Hannah, but orphaned at 14, she was left to face life alone. At this moment Mary was chosen for the highest honour possible – an Angel of the Annunciation declared to her that she was blessed above all women. After the birth of Jesus she underwent arduous reflection seeking to understand the mysteries of the Hidden Kingdom – the presence of God within the soul. Later there was the painful separation from her son when Jesus joined John the Baptist. Mary’s life after the Crucifixion was one of spiritual fulfilment. Finally, Marley recounts Mary’s last days on earth. This biography is essential for all those who love, and draw succour and inspiration from, the Mother of God.

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