The Father Figure of Fitness


The Father Figure of Fitness
Steve Thomas BSc (Hons) Sport Scientist
Steve Thomas BSc (Hons) is a sport scientist with over 37 years of experience of working with the world’s elite, the rich and famous. As an Elite Personal Trainer, he has witnessed first-hand a booming fitness culture. With hundreds of millions of dedicated exercising disciples around the world, exercising has become the holy grail for physical and mental wellbeing, but this book, as an honest and forthright critique of the exercising world, explains why THE WHOLE WORLD is GETTING IT WRONG, and why it needs to change.
As the ‘World’s Best Personal Trainer’, Thomas now reveals his secret methods. Let his scientific knowledge and experience guide you. He has developed his 100,000 exercise system especially for you. Follow his Top Tips and ten Golden Rules and you will change the way you exercise for ever, allowing your body to flourish and achieving your goals faster and more efficiently than ever before.
This book is a campaign for change, and may be the only exercise book you will ever need to read.
“Steve is without doubt the best in the business”
Alan Watson MCSP.HPC (the U.K’s top physiotherapist)
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