The Aston Villa Quiz Book


How much do you really know about the club you love? You can find out by exploring the 1,000 questions set out in 100 categories that make up this Aston Villa Quiz Book.

It’s not often that books on football make reference to Karl Marx, The Boat Race, Tony Hancock, ‘the Tiger’ comic, ‘dragons’ Den’ or ‘Porridge,’ but this one does!

‘Call Yourself a Villa Fan’ is a quirky, challenging affair for real Villa fans who can test themselves or take each other on, with the emphasis on enjoyment and discovery.

Try these for size:

  • Who is the only Villa manager to have won the league title as a player or manager with three different clubs?
  • Only two clubs have won and lost an FA Cup final against Villa. Who are they?
  • When Villa were relegated to the third flight for the only time in their history in 1970 their manager at the time said
    ‘I promised to take Villa out of the Second Division and that’s exactly what I’ve done.’ Who was he?You will struggle to find anything as comprehensive as this eclectic collection. It’s a must for Aston Villa fans of all ages and you might not see anything quite like it again.
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