I Want To Love but … Realising The Power of You


Paul Chaplin’s extraordinary life: multi-millionaire lawyer and published legal text books author; multi-award winning porn baron and actual porn star; made millions, and been through bankruptcy; former owner of Loaded magazine and Loaded TV; singer/songwriter/guitarist with his band Candyrock; owner of the Paul Raymond top-shelf magazines empire; writer, director and star of Netflix sitcom “Sexxx” and Netflix comedy sketch show “PC World”; lives a playboy lifestyle, with very public make ups and break ups. Now a qualified CBT Practitioner (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Paul has brought his unique life experience to the writing of “I Want To Love But … Realising The Power of You.” Written in his easy to read style, Paul’s Book explains how being – really being – You, can get the love you want. So many people wish that their relationship to love could be better, and happier. As many people fear the impact of love on their lives and happiness. But few people really want to change, as the price of engaging with love. Yet, this is what self-help guides typically ask you to do. Paul’s approach is very different. The book shows how you can get the love you want, by being You. By being in a process of committing to yourself. The good news is that you don’t need to change a thing about yourself. You can get the love you want, just by being yourself. How easy is that? It’s not about learning to love yourself: a common theme in self-help. That’s to work in pursuit of an illusion of love.  It’s you who wants to love, not some fantasy person. We all have our Walls, Anxieties, Fears, Energies and Reactions: WAFER. “I Want To Love But…” urges you to preserve your Wafer, not crumble it. By being More you, not Less you. By becoming Bigger, not Smaller. By appreciating all the good and all the bad in you. By becoming better at being You.

Why waste time with those endless anecdotes about John and Sally and their issues and resolutions? This book doesn’t. Instead, everything is focused on You. What you want and how to get it. Not by changing you, not by chopping off some of your branches. By growing the whole tree.

If you want to love but… this unique book shows how you can learn to get the love you want: by being You.

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