Coarse Fishing with Matt Hayes


Matt Hayes, who celebrates his 60th birthday in 2021, is probably the country’s most famous coarse angler. He first picked up a rod more than 50 years ago and has gone on to catch huge fish of all species, both in this country and abroad.
The star of classic TV shows such as Record Breaking Fish, Rod Race, Total Fishing and Wet Nets, he’s not just a brilliant fisherman, he also has that rare gift of being able to convey the magic of the sport to a wider audience.
In this new paperback, you’ll find all those years of knowledge and expertise condensed into a tip-packed book. There are chapters on tackle, bait and species, as well as information on how to master key skills and where you can expect to find your quarry.

Best of all, it’s written in “angler’s speak” – and that means it’s easy to read and free of long-winded jargon!

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