Few women in the history of Christianity have captured the imagination and fuelled so much speculation as Mary Magdalene – particularly after the publication of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. But who was the real Mary Magdalene? Was she really a prostitute? What was the nature of her relationship with Jesus? Why do so many people believe that she and Jesus ended up in France and had children together? And, what (if anything) can Mary Magdalene teach us in today’s turbulent world? Julie de Vere Hunt started hearing an ‘inner voice’ and came to believe it was Mary Magdalene, urging her to write this book. In an easy-to-read A-Z format, de Vere Hunt provides an overview of what we know about Mary Magdalene from religious scholars, the New Testament Gospels and (most recently) from the Gnostic Gospels.The author touches on quantum physics and discusses metaphysical phenomena such as the Akashic Records, Cellular Memory, Meditation and the Zero Point Field as an additional source to establish the truth.Through her inner voice and access to the Akashic Records, de Vere Hunt draws her own (often controversial) conclusions about the myths and legends surrounding Mary Magdalene. “ We all have a spiritual role to fulfil here on earth and our innervoice guides us step by step.There is no right or wrong way to practice. It is the intention which is important.” While some of the author’s hypotheses will seem far fetched and even heretical to some, de Vere Hunt points out that, throughout history, many important theories have caused offence and been met with violent opposition originally. De Vere Hunt is confident her own revelations will be borne out in the fullness of time. She believes that Mary Magdalene is here in our midst now to help us make the transition into the Age of Aquarius where the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine will stand side by side in equal partnership and enable us to live in a better world. Written with undeniable conviction and compassion, de Vere Hunt’s book gives practical suggestions as to how we can all experience ‘heaven on earth’ and offers hope for a better future.