The Matrixial Healing Handbook


Matrixial Science techniques showed how our minds don’t work: and how our thinking functions can be changed. The Matrixial Healing Handbook now presents 34 Recipes for instant relief of:


Anxiety Issues

Sleep Disorders

Injury Relief

Relationship Trauma

Memory Trauma

Addiction Issues

Symptomatic Relief

Learning Difficulties


The Healing Recipes are drawn from team experience at the Matrixial Healing therapy practice. Applying Matrixial Science to real human problems, and their remedies.


Written in a non-technical, reader friendly style, each chapter guides the reader through each healing technique. Simply follow the steps. The reader can also access almost three hours of audio tape versions of the Recipes, for easier guidance.


Offering immediate and lasting relief from these common problems, the Handbook Recipes can change your life. Now.


Paul Chaplin’s other books include:

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