The Hereafter


JOE NATHAN ends up in Heaven after he’s killed in a car crash on the M1.

This is the story of what happens to him.

He leaves behind a loving wife, Alison, and three kids, but soon throws off his “perfect husband” tag when he takes advantage of the unlimited free sex supplied by a coterie of glamorous and willing Angels.

Alcohol is free as well and so is everything else.

Back on Earth, life goes on for his wife and children, but it’s vastly different without Joe.

Alison starts work part-time in a care home, but is one of the early victims of the Covid-19 pandemic and eventually joins her husband in Heaven.

But Joe’s new “life” clearly no longer involves Alison.

Meanwhile, one of their three children becomes a gambling addict with disastrous consequences.

Not that Joe cares – or even knows. He’s far too busy enjoying himself.

Also claimed by Covid is an attractive, young Chinese businesswoman, Jiao, who eventually hooks up with Joe.

Their story – and the story of Joe’s neighbours Parvez and Larry – makes for an entertaining romp through Heaven.

But be careful what you wish for – Paradise ends up more like Perdition.

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