Stealing Colours Ukrainian refugee artwork TShirt


Created by Katya Filiminova who was born in Odessa, in 1980, and studied at the Grekov Odessa Art School, the oldest and most celebrated art school in the country. She is now living in Paris as a refugee having been forced to flee her native Ukraine.

Her evocative painting ‘Stealing Colours’ has been chosen by Black Square Tribe, a pioneering new charitable movement which champions the works of Ukrainian artists, as its inaugural fund-raising project.

Black Square Tribe aims to promote the subversive, mesmerising and unifying work of contemporary and historic Ukrainian artists. It will not only showcase the resilience and eclectic creativity of those artists but will offer financial support for them, and the Ukrainian people, by sharing the profits with the artists and the Ukrainian charity ‘Children of Heroes’. The organisation is named after Ukrainian artist Kazimir Malevich’s revolutionary ‘Black Square’ painting which was first publicly displayed in 1915 and has since taken on an epoch-making status. Although Black Square Tribe’s focal point is Ukrainian art and artists, there are also contributions from contemporary artists from all over the world, offering support to their artistic brothers and sisters, as well as people on the ground in Ukraine. Black Square Tribe have partnered with the Ukrainian charity ‘Children of Heroes’ which helps children who have lost a mother or father in this horrible conflict. These children are vitally important to building the future of Ukraine. Children of Heroes’ founding team is comprised of reputable Ukrainian entrepreneurs, investment professionals, and other like-minded and mission-driven Ukrainians, whose aim is to support the orphans of war by blanketing them with care, warmth and security as Ukraine, and their lives, are rebuilt. Children of Heroes’ goal is to help mould these children into the best representatives of the Ukrainian nation and integrate them into the global community.



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