Matrixial Logic


There is a hidden architecture to how we think, and how we can think. Understanding it grants us power over our thinking. This ground-breaking book challenges 2,500 years of our thinking about thought.
Logic is the science of reality: the ultimate science. Logic dictates how we conduct physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and computing. To understand reality requires first, that we understand how our understanding works.
As a former barrister and solicitor, and legal innovator, Paul has a successful 25 year career in using the logic of the law. Turning to psychology, Paul became a Certified CBT Practitioner. In 2019, he was awarded by publication a PhD in Philosophy, for applied Psychology, for his innovative book I Want To Love But: Realising The Power Of You.
The revolutionary new solutions to problems in logic, philosophy and science presented in this book can change your world.
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