Fittleworth 1540-1840 : its houses and their occupants


Fittleworth 1540-1840: its houses and their occupants, completes Dr Poole’s study of this Sussex village. Originally intended to be an appendix to the original volume, it has expanded to 400 pages and allows for a more informative approach together with a mass of sketch maps and photographs. Sources are provided throughout, and the
book is indexed.

The Tithe Map of 1839 and its apportionment has provided the starting-point for exploring the history of some 90 cottages and houses almost all of which are still in use, many of them listed buildings. The ownership and occupation of the majority of these houses has been traced back to the early 1600s, and many others to their construction in the 1700s. Some were humble dwellings, others comparatively luxurious. While the mills and farms receive the most detailed treatment, there are many cottages for which the evidence is surprisingly extensive. Inventories provide a glimpse at living conditions and mortgaging reveals how our forebears lent and borrowed at an alarming rate, often finding themselves in financial straits.

It has been suggested that these two volumes together provide a unique exploration of a single parish; be that as it may, they are not exhaustive, and should stimulate further research and analysis. 
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