Being Sam Harris : Feeling The Power of Life – Ebook


New York Times bestselling author Sam Harris is one of the most famous popular thinkers of our day. With a YouTube podcast channel Making Sense of almost half a million subscribers, and almost three million views of his debates with Jordan Peterson. The author of several books, and podcaster, Sam can be described for British audiences as Russell Brand with a neurology doctorate.

Being Sam Harris challenges the central ideas of Sam’s works. Ranging through philosophy, logic, history, religion, the science of neuro-imaging, and more.

Sam is accused of being a one trick charlatan. A disingenuous showman who uses the technique of Singularity to generate a kaleidoscope of logically flawed and socially dangerous ideas. Despite their neo-liberal hippy patina, Sam’s recipes for life demand suicide for the Self. All that remains is the autodidactic, synthesist benevolence of being Sam Harris.

Category: ISBN: 9781782814016


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